What causes pink eye

Conjunctivitis which is also termed as pink eye is known to be an eye infection. There are different reasons related to this infection. Pink eye will result to a lot of discomfort. It can also lead to redness and inflammation of the membrane of the eye. At first, pink eye will only affect one eye. But if it not properly cared for, this can spread to the other eye as well. The causes and remedies for pink eye which are mentioned below can aid in the faster process of healing.

What are the Causes of Pink Eye

There are lots of reasons that can lead to pink eye. Let us take a look at these causes. Most of the time, pink eye can be due to various bacterial and viral infections. If pink eye occurs because of viral infection, the pus which will be discharged will be clear and watery. But if the pink eye originates from a bacterial infection, the discharged pus will be thick mucus in either green or yellow color. Another cause of pink eye is the presence of unwanted particles in the air such as molds, dust and pollens. Industrial waste products can lead to itching and reddening of an eye and could result to pink eye. Some irritants such as aerosols, cigarette smoke, household cleaners can also cause pink eye. In a few cases, the use of dirty and expired lenses can also lead to pink eye. Another cause of pink eye is other diseases of the eye. Continue reading to know more about the symptoms and treatments of pink eye.

Indications of Pink Eye

Let us have a look at some frequently observed symptoms of pink eye.

• Pain in the eye
• The eye becomes red
• Light sensitivity
• Person experiences itching and burning sensation on the affected eye
• The eye affected with pink eye will have a watery discharge
• Scratchy sensation in the eye
• Eyelids are swollen
• In unusual cases, vision may be blurred

Remedy for Pink Eye

In order to keep the eyes clean, you can wash them at regular intervals. Furthermore, washing them can also eliminate unwanted substances such as irritants and chemicals present in the eyes. Hence, this can aid in the healing process of pink eye. People who are wearing contact lenses must discontinue its use until such time that the pink eye is completely healed. Also, females must avoid the use of eye makeup until pink eye is totally treated. If you have pink eye and you wish to go out in the sun, you need to wear dark-colored glasses. For the treatment of pink eye, it would be a good idea to consult an E.N.T. specialist and opt for the drops or medications prescribed by him.

If you have pink eye, try not to rub the affected eye since this could only exacerbate the situation. Hopefully, the causes and symptoms of pink which are mentioned above have provided you with adequate information about it.

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