Swimmers ear home remedy

The medical term for swimmer’s ear is otitis externa. It is known to be an inflammation of the skin of the ear canal. Such condition can result to intense pain in the ear. The common cause of this ear infection is swimming in polluted water. At times, swimmer’s ear can also be due to persistent water exposure during humid or cold conditions. A moist ear is a safe refuge for both fungi and bacteria that lead to infections. Before we discuss about the home remedy of swimmer’s ear, let us take a look at a few symptoms of this condition.


To know the symptoms listed below will be useful in looking for an effective treatment. Some people will experience all or only a few of the following symptoms.

• Excruciating pain in the ears
• Itchiness
• The ear has a buzzing or humming sound
• The outer skin of the ear has a scaly appearance
• Presence of discharge in yellow color or presence of earwax in white color
• The ear is swollen and heavy

As we can see, this can be pretty painful and worrying experience. Similar to all ear problems, this can hinder a person’s performance of daily activities to a great extent. You will find below some remedies which will not only help to alleviate the symptoms mentioned above but will also aid in curing the condition.

Potential Remedies

Alcohol and Vinegar – Aside from its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, the vinegar has a soothing effect making it an ideal treatment for the relief of pain and to prevent further infection. In order to avail the benefits of vinegar, place two to three drops of white vinegar in the ears with the use of a dropper. Lie down for a moment or two then clean the extra solution with the use of cotton swabs. Putting alcohol on the ear will also help remove the excess water in the ear. Try doing this two to four times within the day. This will not only prevent further growth of bacteria but will also reduce the pain which goes with the infection.

Different Oils- The following oils may be useful in providing relief for both pain and discomfort.

Baby Oil- Using a dropper, place warm baby oil inside the ears. This can somehow help alleviate pain and discomfort.

Garlic Oil- Garlic contains potent anti bacterial properties. Simply add two to three drops of garlic oil in the ear. This will aid in minimizing the inflammation.

Olive Oil- this is another effective remedy. Simply add some drops of warm olive oil in the ear in order to obtain its healing effect.

Hot Compresses- Hot compress for the ear may be useful in driving away excess water from the ear. This can somehow reduce the pain and irritation. Also, pain is reduced if you keep hot cloth or hot pad on the ear. Another way to lessen the pain will be to wrap a bottle full of hot water in a cloth or towel and then place it on the ear.

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