Sunspots on skin

Individuals with fair and sensitive skin are more prone to white sunspots which happen to be a skin disorder. A lot of times, people will have white sunspots during summer or early part of spring. This condition will exacerbate if the affected area of the skin will be more exposed to the sun. That is why it is important to treat this disorder. Listed below are several of the primary causes of white spots on skin as well as a few home remedies in order to eliminate these spots.

Causes of Sunspots 

Anyone can have white spots on the skin because of a lot of skin conditions. The primary reason is ‘sun allergy’. But other conditions such as pigmentation and fungal infection can also result to white spots on the region of the skin.

Sun Allergies: PMLE is one of the sun allergies which can provide an individual with white itchy bumps on skin after exposure to the sun. There are lots of times when people will have redness with a burning sensation of the area of the skin that is affected. Every now and then, an individual will have blistering and swelling of the skin area that is affected. Other indications of PMLE are headache, chills and nausea. Sometimes, people develop bumps on the skin after exposure to the sun because of sun allergies such as actinic prurigo, solar urticaria and photoallergic eruption.

Fungal Infection: Tinea versicolor is known to be a fungal infection which is responsible for the white spots on the skin. This is not a serious condition and will usually go unnoticed. Nevertheless, once the fungus spreads, the appearance of these white spots will become evident. If left untreated, the size of these spots will grow after a while. The spots can be dark brown, tan or pink in color. Some conditions such as hormonal imbalance, hot or humid weather, excessive sweating and greasy skin will more likely initiate the fungal infection.

Pigmentation: Another reason why white spots on the skin occurs is skin pigmentation. Individuals with low amount of melanin pigment such as medium to extremely fair people will have higher chances of having light colored spots on the skin. A few fair people can also get sunburn and some will also develop pigmentation reaction resulting to sunspots.

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