Signs of Strep Throat

The signs of strep throat are due to bacteria particularly the ones that belong to the Streptococcus strain. Since there are more than a few bacteria that belong to this group, there are also a lot of different possible bacterial causes of strep throat. The signs of strep throat are frequently experienced by children and teenagers. However, anybody no matter what his age is can actually be infected with the condition considering that this disease is highly contagious and can be transmitted from one person to another. This is due to the fact that Streptococcus bacteria can be present in the air when an individual who has strep throat will cough or sneeze while his mouth is not covered. Because of that, that individual will transmit the condition to other family members or anybody he has close contact with like his friends at school and co-employees. Ultimately, the signs of strep throat can result to rheumatic fever if these are left untreated. The throat condition will also result to post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis which happens to be an uncommon complication of the kidney. Usually, the signs of strep throat will manifest within two to five days after personal contact with the Streptococcus bacteria. Listed below are signs of strep throat which take place even without warning.

• Sore throat
• Fever that is sudden and usually more than 101 F or 38.8 C
• The throat is red and accompanied with patches in white or yellow color located at the throat area
• Swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck
• Fever
• Pain in the head
• Vomiting or nausea and dizziness
• Pain in the stomach
• Pain in the body
• Chills
• Person affected will find it difficult to swallow
• Appetite for food is lost
• Taste of the food will become different
• In uncommon instances, the individual who has the signs of strep throat will also have rashes which are similar to the scarlet fever condition.
The indications of strep throat can vary from mild to severe. In cases which are more severe, the patient will have severe pain and find it very difficult to swallow. This is exactly the reason why majority of those who have this condition will visit the doctor so that relief from strep throat is obtained.

Bear in mind that not all sore throats may be classified as strep throat. In reality, a sore throat that is ordinary is usually a result of viral infection and not due to bacteria just like in the case of strep throat. Nonetheless, the signs of strep throat could be identical to the ordinary sore throat that is why people would usually interchange them. But there is a way of identifying strep throat from sore throat. Usually, sore throat comes with coughing, sneezing and stuffed or runny nose. These are not observed in strep throat. Aside from the usual physical examination, other tests should be performed to make sure that the person is really suffering from strep throat and not sore throat.

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