Signs of pregnancy before missed period

The female egg is only viable for a day after the process of ovulation has taken place. If during this time, the egg is fertilized by a sperm, then most likely, conception will occur. After conception, the body will go through several changes in both physical and hormonal levels. These changes can produce some signs and symptoms which are frequently termed as early pregnancy symptoms before missed period. But it is possible that these signs may be confused with the signs at the beginning of menstruation. Certainly, missed period is the most reliable indication of pregnancy. Again, this is only true among women who have a history of regular periods. Those with irregular periods will not be able to rely on this method of pregnancy detection. In that case, a woman has to wait until missed period exceeds the longest period she has ever had. Yet, this is not recommended as women might be wasting their crucial time in their first trimester in case they are really pregnant. For that matter, a pregnancy test is known to be most effective in detecting pregnancy.

Pregnancy test before missed period may be conducted with the use of urine pregnancy test kits. These can be obtained over the counter. Also, one can get it done when you visit your doctor. Another way of making sure that the earliest sign of pregnancy before missed period is detected will be to take a blood test at a laboratory. Both blood and urine tests can detect the presence of a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or hCG which is being secreted by the placenta. hCG levels are extremely low just a week following conception. Therefore, a urine pregnancy kit may not be able to detect its presence. But hCG levels will double every 24 hours that is why performing the test after several days will generate the most reliable pregnancy test results. On the other hand, blood test can detect a pregnancy within a week of conception even if the levels of hCG are as low as five to ten mIU. Pregnancy kits will detect levels of hCG above 50 mIU. A few highly sensitive kits can detect levels of hCG of approximately 20 mIU. A home pregnancy test has about 97% of accuracy.

The best way in confirming a woman’s pregnancy is to wait until the day of her missed period. But most women are very impatient that they usually perform a pregnancy test just several days following sexual contact. No available pregnancy kit is capable of detecting pregnancy at such an early stage. In case you are conducting a pregnancy test and the result comes out negative regardless of the early indications of pregnancy, you need to wait for several days and do the test again. In any case, the earliest detection of pregnancy will only be possible two weeks following conception. A little patience on the part of a woman will help her avoid disappointment should the test comes out negative despite pregnancy symptoms.

Detection of pregnancy before missed period is only reliable when blood test is conducted. Other signs and symptoms may be taken into consideration for confirmation purposes.

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