Sharp pain in breast

Cyclic and non-cyclic breast pains are the two types of breast pain. The main difference is that cyclic breast pain, as the term suggests, occurs after a given period or cycle just like that pain due to hormonal imbalances in the women’s monthly menstrual cycle while non-cyclic breast pain is caused by cyst or fibroadenoma. In cases where the patient is suffering from ulcers of the colon area, pain in the close proximity of the underside of the left breast may be felt.

Hormonal Changes: As mentioned earlier, in women where hormones change in connection with their menstrual cycle, they are prone to pain in the breast area. Most women get used to this as the pain goes away as the menstrual cycle resolves. The pain they feel is due to the changing hormone levels associated with their body system. Another is when they are pregnant and after menopause stage. It is a well-established fact that during pregnancy, the hormone levels changes inside the woman and varies from person to person, with consideration to their race, medical history and multiple other factors.

Imbalance in the Fatty Tissues: Breast pain may also be due to the imbalance in the fatty tissues. When this occurs, the tissues surrounding the breast are very sensitive and the nerves send signal of pain to the brain. Oil of primrose has proven as effective remedy for this kind of pain.

Breast Trauma: The most common cause of breast pain is trauma to the breast. When the muscles around the breast area are injured, pain is the symptom. When cyst is formed in the breast, this could also result to pain in the area. However, there are various causes of non-cyclic breast pain that ranges from simple or mild to moderate or serious risk to the patient’s health such as heart ailments.

Medication: For women who experience menopausal symptoms, sharp pain in the breast area is commonly felt. This maybe attributed to the medications that are used to treat hormone imbalance for menopausal women. Antidepressant medications are also known to cause pain in the breast area as well as swelling and tenderness.

There are also other causes to breast pain in women such as pain in the back, shoulders and neck. Mastitis is the inflammation and swelling of the breast of women. The pain is localized on one spot for non-cyclic causes. For breastfeeding mothers, some may experience sharp aching in one spot after breastfeeding as a result of wrong position while breastfeeding or in some cases when there is yeast infection in the breast.

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