Rarest blood type

Before discussing the rarest blood type, we need to understand first blood compatibility. Compatibility of blood group is extremely important during transfusion of blood. Since not all blood groups are compatible with each other, clotting will result if these incompatible blood groups are combined together. This can lead to the death of a person. Therefore, it is important to determine which blood group is compatible with which type.

AB Group: People with blood group AB have both A and B antigens. Therefore, they will be able to receive blood from people of all blood groups. However, those with AB blood group must only donate blood to individuals who happen to have AB blood group.

O Group: Individuals who belong to this blood group do not have antigens A and B. Thus, they are capable of donating blood to those who belong to AB, B and A blood groups. But, they can only receive blood from people who belong to blood group O.

A Group: Those with blood group A may receive blood from those who belong to the same A or O blood group. Furthermore, they could also donate blood to individuals with AB or B blood group.

When we take a closer look at statistics, the rarest blood type is AB negative blood group. Only one in approximately 170 Americans possesses this blood group. In addition, O-ve is rare and in this category, the hh blood group which is also termed as Bombay blood group is very uncommon. In the world population, this blood group can only be found in about 0.0004%. Those who belong to this blood group could give blood to ABO group, yet, they can only receive blood from individuals with O-ve, hh blood group.

B Negative blood type is the next rare blood type. In every 70 people, only one has this blood type. A-ve is also uncommon. The most common blood group is O+ve. This is considered to be a blessing since those with this blood type may give blood to all kinds of people who have Rh+ve blood group type.

Rare blood group can be a concern especially when transfusion of blood is to be done regularly. This is applicable to individuals suffering from leukemia, anemia and other diseases of the blood. Hospitals would usually try and store rare blood groups in their blood banks. But rare blood group type would many times be deficient during emergency cases. Therefore, the life of a person particularly after an accident will be in danger. Furthermore, shortage can occur during bomb explosions, war and many more in which a huge number of emergency cases will have to be cared for. The reserve blood may not be adequate to fulfill the needs.

Therefore, if individuals who have rare blood groups can donate blood regularly, then plenty of lives could be saved. Donation of blood is safe. As the body destroys red blood cells every three months and forms new ones, it would be a great help for people who are in desperate need if anyone can donate blood.

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