Pain between shoulder blades

Reasons for presence of Pain between Shoulder Blades

Pain in the Gallbladder – In this case, the pain would usually originate in the abdomen and then move upwards to the area between the shoulder blades. This can result to vomiting, nausea and gas. Pain will also spread from one shoulder to the other. The affected gallbladder will suffer from pain for many hours before pain disappears. This can be an indication for a lot of diseases such as pneumonia, back pain, kidney stones, heartburn and gastric ulcer.

Angina Pectoris – this Latin phrase means tight chest. This is a condition which is typically accompanied with heavy pain in the chest as if the breastbone is trying to squeeze itself. The pain radiates over the entire body, commonly in the arms. Yet, the throat, area between the shoulder blades and abdomen will less likely feel the pain sensation. Angina pectoris occurs due to extreme cold, physical activities, fat meal and psychological stress.

Arthritic or Disc Diseases – With gallbladder pain, we discussed that the pain arises from the lower portion like the abdomen. On the other hand, pain in arthritis or disc diseases comes from the neck. Consequently, there will be pain most areas of the body such as head, arms and hands. Arthritis and disc diseases can lead to intense pain in the neck termed as torticollis making the neck positioned to one side. Feeling of weakness in the arms and shoulders is present because there is pain at the bottom of the skull that will also give the person numbness on the fingers.

Cancer of the Liver – Symptoms of liver cancer are pain between the shoulder blades, skin is yellowish in color, presence of lump in the abdomen on the right side and under the ribcage as well as feeling of a full stomach. When a person has liver cancer, most likely, this individual can experience pain on the area between the shoulder blades.

Cancer of the Esophagus- In general, pain in the shoulder pain is an indication of an individual who has esophageal cancer. Nonetheless, other important symptoms are also present. These include aortic dissection, pain while swallowing, feeling of food stuck in the throat and eating disorders. Also, heavy pain in between the shoulder blades can occur resulting to a lot of shoulder complications especially if the person is not brought to the hospital at once.

Other Causes which are Temporary – At times, an individual has to strain his shoulder in order to lift a heavy object. This can cause pain on either left or right shoulder blade depending on the side where more pressure is applied. Another cause of shoulder blade pain is sleeping on one side for a long time.

The shoulders are important parts of the body. Without them, humans are incapable of doing any task. While performing physical activities, it is essential that proper care is observed. If you happen to experience pain in the shoulders, it is highly recommended that you visit a doctor.

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