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Pain behind knee

Pain in the knee joint will cause discomfort in the area around the legs and limits mobility. Even if most of us are aware of knee pain, not much is known regarding leg pain behind knee. It is a painful and inflammatory condition which is present in the knee, learn more on

Pain behind the knee is frequently observed in individuals who are engaged in rigorous physical activities like soccer, cycling, running and many more. In these activities, people have the tendency to overuse their knees putting undue stress and pressure resulting to pain.

Pain Behind Knee

Pain Behind Knee Causes

Primarily, leg pain behind knee occurs when the kneecap rubs against the lowermost portion of the femur or thigh bone. Actually, the kneecap has to glide over the femur in order to have efficient movement of the knee.

But in this condition, it begins rubbing instead of gliding. Thus, the friction will produce damages to the cartilage located under the kneecap. This friction will further intensify and cause pain. Obesity or being overweight is another significant cause of leg pain behind the knee.

In reality, the weight of the upper body tends to put a lot of stress on the knees affecting both the frontal and rear areas of the knees and result to pain or low estrogen level. Bending of the knees can still be possible due to the presence of the quadriceps and hamstring muscles.

Yet, excessive stress and overuse of the knees can make the hamstring muscles weak. Other important reasons causing leg pain behind knee include aging, injuries, fault in the structural alignment, fractures, trauma, weakness in muscles and a lot more.

Pain Behind Knee Symptoms

Standing head to knee

Pain as well as inflammation behind the knee are the most common symptoms. But in severe conditions, structural abnormalities in the surface of the cartilage will occur if pain will persists for a longer period of time and the damage to the cartilage increases.

In traumatic cases, a blow to the kneecap may be sufficiently severe to rip off a portion of the bone or the articular cartilage.

Pain Behind Knee Treatment

Several remedies for leg pain include swimming, low-impact stretching exercises and working out on an exercise bike. These exercises will not only help in pain relief but will also strengthen the muscles of the knee and to prevent re-occurrence of pain later on.

Other good options for getting pain relief include the use of shoes with additional arch support while walking or running and also the use of knee braces. At times, pain relievers available over the counter and anti-inflammatory drugs are also found to be effective in the treatment of pain.

If the cause of leg pain is obesity, then weight loss is the recommended solution for the treatment of leg pain.

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