Heat rash pictures

Heat rash is most frequently termed as prickly heat or miliaria. It is a skin condition characterized by severe itching and a prickly or sting-like sensation. The cause of this is obstruction of the sweat ducts in which the perspiration of the body becomes trapped in the surface of the skin layer. This results to skin irritation. Primarily, it is responsible for the damage of the cells on the skin surface because of too much perspiration. The perspiration creates a barrier and traps the sweat under the skin where it accumulates leading to goose bump like rashes. The clothes we wear will rub against our skin and will cause friction and inflammation to the back, upper chest, armpits, back, neck, groin, abdomen and other areas. The emergence of small red rashes referred to as papules is the most common symptoms while the skin surrounding the rash appears red in color. Those who live in places with tropical or humid climates are more susceptible to heat rash. For the most part, heat rash has a tendency to disappear on its own. But continuous development of heat rash can disrupt the self-heat regulating mechanism of the body and can bring about fever as well as heat exhaustion.

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