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HCG Diet side effects

A lot of people have questions regarding the side effects of HCG and what are phytoceramides when used for weight loss. The majority of the articles focus on prescription injections for weight loss or other uses of HCG including treatment for fertility or testosterone problems.

Only very few deal with the side effects of homeopathic HCG diet drops. But when they do, they will only copy information which is only applicable to the injections. Homeopathic drops and prescription injections are handed out in different ways.

The HCG diet drops can be easier for the body. Unlike HCG injections, there are no known serious side effects linked to homeopathic HCG. Actually, the most common side effects which people have when they used HCG drops for weight loss arise from the supplementary diet.

More often than not, the HCG diet can make a drastic change for those who have started using it for the first time. The HCG protocol for weight loss requires an extremely low calorie diet of 500 calories. Even if the body gets a lot of nutrients and energy from the stored fat being consumed, the stomach will only get less food than it used to have.

The HCG diet

Choices of food are specialized to a small list of fruits, meats, starches and vegetables. Since starches and fruits contain more sugar when compared to meats and vegetables, they are often the most limited. No additional oils, fats or sugars are allowed. Typically, all of these are extremely different from what most people used to eat.

Even if the HCG protocol is essentially more obtainable than it sounds, the huge modification in the diet will have an effect on the body. These side effects are:

Headache: Several individuals have minor headaches during the first week of their low-calorie diet. Any kind of conventional pain medication which can be obtained over the counter will be used in treating the headache.

Mild form of dizziness: This is a common side effect; yet, this frequently goes away after the first week.

HCG diet

Constipation: When a person is in a low-calorie diet, it is normal for the bowel movements to take place less often. This can even occur once in every three to four days. But this is not constipation. Yet, some individuals really suffer from true constipation. In case this happens to you, you can use a laxative that is mild and sugar-free.

Rash: This is rare side effect. As the body consumes fat, regular toxins are released in the body. With HCG diet, the body is able to consume fats at fast speed resulting to accumulation of toxins and lead to minor rash.

Leg cramps: This is also a rare side effect. Cramps can happen because potassium is deficient in the Core Phase diet. Potassium supplements are used in treating this kind of symptom.

These side effects only have an impact on a tiny percentage of people who take HCG drops. Typically, these are very mild in form. But in case you experience any symptom which is troublesome or a severe headache that persists for more than ten days, you have to consult a physician at once.

Few individuals who experience these side effects will usually wait until they go away. They take the time to enjoy the daily weight loss considering that the symptoms are mild and will frequently vanish after the first week. In more severe cases, these are commonly treated with medications or supplements that are readily available.

The main thing is that the lack of severe side effects is the remarkable reason for choosing homeopathic HCG diet drops over injections. These are supported by the finest warranty in the industry and with amazing prices also.

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