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Symptoms of diabetes in women

The warning signs of both type 1 diabetes as well as type 2 diabetes are practically similar. But type 2 diabetes has several more symptoms. One major difference between the two is that the symptoms of the former will emerge immediately than the ones which occur in the latter, learn more on . In women, the symptoms of type 1 diabetes are the same in men and are listed as follows:

type 1 diabetes The first symptom which indicates the onset of diabetes is becoming frequently thirsty. The individual can feel extremely thirsty as if he was not able to drink water for the entire day. The reason for such condition is that the tissues of the body become dry due to the increased sugar in the body. As a result, it makes the body dehydrated.

• Increased urge to urinate is another classic indication of diabetes. This occurs when the person drinks more water than usual in order to quench his increased thirst. Also, this happens as the reaction of the body to remove the excess unused blood sugar through urination.

• Gradually, the person experiences more hunger pangs as the disease progresses. As mentioned above, the sugar molecules are usually moved into the cells in order to provide the body with energy necessary for its daily functioning, find more ifo on . But with diabetes, this process will not occur and as such, the muscles and tissues have low energy. Consequently, the body responds by increasing hunger. In several cases, the individual will still feel hungry even after taking a meal. Regardless of the amount of food being consumed, glucose will never reach the cells.

• Another significant indication of diabetes is weight loss. Although the appetite of the person increases and he is eating more than the usual, most likely, he will experience loss of weight. The reason for this is that since glucose will not reach the cells, the stored fat in the body will not do anything but shrink. Also, there will be loss of muscle bulk which further increases weight loss. Also you can read read teme about HCG Diet.

indication of diabetes is weight loss

• Fatigue is another apparent repercussion when blood glucose does not move into the cells. The patient can become tired and irritated easily.

• As mentioned in the first part of this section, excess sugar in the blood can drain fluid from the body including the eyes. Thus, when the eyes become dry, the person will find it difficult to focus clearly and will further experience blurred vision.

• In women, diabetes can also put them at increased risk for vaginal infections.

Aside from these symptoms of type 2 diabetes, other symptoms are frequent infections, development of dark patches frequently in the neck areas and armpits and healing of infections is slow.

Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are irreversible kinds of diabetes mellitus. But detecting the symptoms earlier can help in starting with an early treatment. In turn, the condition is not only managed, but the risks of life-threatening complications are also reduced.

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