Cellulitis pictures

Cellulitis infection is known to be a bacterial infection which takes place on the body and will result to severe skin inflammation. The symptoms of cellulitis are characterized by a single patch on the skin which will turn red, become swollen and tender and also highly inflamed. Cellulitis denotes inflammation of cells. Such inflammation can affect the first two deeper layers of the skin namely the dermis and the subcutaneous layer. Thus, it also affects the fat and tissues. This contagious is not infectious considering that the infection affects the deeper layers of the skin and does not infect the upper or top layer of the skin.

Cellulitis skin infection starts by affecting a tiny patch and then will start to spread on a bigger area. Even if this condition will affect any part of the body as in the case of facial cellulitis that affects the face, it has been observed that cellulitis infection is most often found in the lower portions of the leg and will also become dangerous.

Every now and then, a skin abrasion can result to an infection. In other times, it does not require an area in which there is an open wound. Yet, it can develop on a site which is smooth and has possibly had a previous infection such as athlete’s foot or eczema. Together with that, infection will also occur due to skin rashes, insect and animal bites and tattooing. Furthermore, there are instances in which the infection can result because of the emergence of diabetes, radiation or AIDS.

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