Canker sore on tongue

Causes of canker sores can be extremely difficult to point out.  Several of the causes of canker sores which commonly develop on the tongue are infection of viral origin, injury to the tongue due to toothbrushes, biting, toothpicks and a lot more.  Hormonal changes may also be the cause of such condition.  Canker sores on the tongue will also result if you keep on eating foods which are salty and spicy. In several cases, heredity also has a part to play.

For the treatment of canker sore on the tongue, anyone can utilize remedies found at home or medications which are available over the counter. In mild cases of canker sores, you can always utilize home remedies. It is only when the pain becomes unbearable that it is necessary to use over the counter medications.

One of the home remedies which can be used for canker sores on the tongue is to stay away from eating foods which are spicy and hot.  These kinds of food will also lead to trouble to the canker sores. Try eating cold foods as much as possible. Eating soft food can also be helpful in treating canker sores which can be present on the tongue, gums, lips and other areas.  You can use salt water as mouthwash for the treatment of canker sores on the tongue, tonsils, gums and other areas of the body.

In order to get rid of canker sores, hydrogen peroxide which is mixed with water can be used. The mixture should have a ratio of 1:1.  Use a cotton swab to apply directly the mixture on the sore. When you are done applying hydrogen peroxide, you can also apply Milk of Magnesia on the canker sore through a cotton swab.  You have to repeat this process at least thrice to four times within the day. But this kind of canker sore remedy can be quite difficult when applied on the tonsils.

Milk of Magnesia which is combined with Benadryl liquid can also be utilized as a mouthwash. Try to keep the mixture inside your mouth for one to two minutes before spitting it out. Benadryl can be helpful in treating the condition because this is an allergy medicine in liquid form.

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