Bronchitis symptoms

Hacking cough

This is the primary symptoms of bronchitis. Most likely, a person’s cough will produce thick yellow-grey mucus. Yet, this will not happen all the time.
The cough could persist for some weeks after other symptoms will disappear. The constant coughing motion will make the muscles of your chest and stomach become sore.

Other indications of bronchitis can include:
• Feeling of tightness in the chest
• Shallow breathing
• Breathe with a hoarse whistling sound
• Throat is sore
• Presence of slight fever and also chills
• Pain on the head
• Nose and sinuses are obstructed
• Feeling of aches and pains

Even if these symptoms are not pleasant, they are not usually serious and it might not be necessary to visit your physician. But take note that the symptoms of bronchitis could be like the symptoms of pneumonia which happens to be an infection which will result to inflammation in the lungs. That is why it is essential to be watchful for any changes in the symptoms that you feel.

When is the time to see a physician?

Visit your doctor the soonest time possible in case any of the symptoms listed below are present:

• Cough is extremely severe or may persist for more than three weeks
• Present of constant fever which will last longer than three days
• Production of blood-streaked mucus when coughing
• Rapid breathing which is greater than thirty breaths per minute and also chest pains will develop
• The person will feel sleepy or confused
• The person experienced repeated episodes of bronchitis before
• The person has an underlying condition of the lungs or heart. He may have congestive heart failure or heart weakness resulting to buildup of fluid in the lungs, emphysema or damage to the tiny airways in the lungs, asthma and also chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which is a long-term damage of the lungs.

Symptoms of Acute Bronchitis

As we have seen a while ago, acute bronchitis is a result of inflammation of the bronchi because of the assault of disease-causing germs. Listed below are several of the symptoms which can be seen in an individual who is suffering from acute bronchitis.

• One of the major symptoms of acute bronchitis is persistent dry cough which will last longer than two weeks. The dry cough will also be transformed into a productive cough in case bacterial infection is present.
• In children, wheezing or shortness of breath could be observed as among the signs of bronchitis. When the child breathes, an odd sound can be heard and this will become more audible when the child is asleep.
• If infection is increased, the color of the phlegm will change from white to yellow or dark green. Such change is observable within 48 hours of getting the infection.
• Adults who are suffering from bronchitis will have low-grade fever accompanied with chills, discomfort in the chest and inability to breathe well. Several individuals will also have moderate pain in the head and generalized body weakness due to the infection.
• In case the condition becomes severe, there will be pain under the breastbone which is accompanied with a feeling of tightness in the area of the chest. This tends to radiate to all parts of the body.

Symptoms of Chronic Bronchitis

This is a type of bronchitis in which men are mostly affected than the women. The basic reason for such occurrence is smoking. Every now and then, this kind of bronchitis can become lung cancer and can lead to death. What you will see below are a few of the indications of chronic bronchitis which are observed in a person who is suffering from chronic bronchitis.

• In case of chronic bronchitis, the person can be more vulnerable to cold or flu, has a runny nose or a persistent cough. The productive cough will become worse during cold weather conditions as well as in the evenings if a drop in temperature is detected.
• A condition referred to as cyanosis is also noted as among the signs of chronic bronchitis. In this case, the lips and fingertips will become blue in color.
• Also, the person will experience breathlessness and wheezing. A strange whistling sound may be heard as the person breathes.
• Several individuals can also have unexplained gain in weight, swelling of the legs and fatigue. During the later stages, such disorder can become a lung infection or a heart disease. In some cases, this will turn out to be life-threatening and can be fatal.

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