Bed bug bites pictures

The bites of bed bugs can look extremely different from one individual to another. Some bedbug bites can be bigger while some are smaller. Some consist of red dots in the middle or a scab while others do not have. There are also some bites which are similar to mosquito bites or pimples. A few bed bug bites are in groups of two or three which is a pattern termed as breakfast, lunch and dinner. They can also form a line or in a circle. But there are others which are always in single bites.

According to experts, getting multiple bites in a pattern may be caused by a lot of factors. This can be due to easy accessibility of the person’s veins by the bed bugs which must be pierced for one time and whether the bed bug is disturbed while it is feeding. Perhaps, the person moves, they move and have to start once more.

Usually, dermatologists and PCOs will not be able to identify a bed bug bite or can only determine it from something with another cause.

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